Swimming Pool Safety and Security: Gates and Doors

Swimming pools are a great way to relax and have a good time. To this there is not doubt. However these feelings can quickly be washed away if you have to worry about kids and pets getting into the pool when no one is watching. Today there are some great options available to make sure your swimming pool is safe for both kids and pets alike. 

For a minimal investment you can have great peace of mind that your swimming pool is both safe and secure. This can also increase the value of your home and also lower your home owner or HOA insurance premiums. Resale values for your home can also be increased when you make sure that your pool is not only operationally safe but also properly secured using fences and gates with locks. 

Classic Pool has been installing card readers for many of our customers who are concerned about child safety and animal / pet protection. Todays cutting edge technology with swimming pool security is with key card access gates. These are also known as proximity card readers or magnetic card readers. A proximity card or prox card is a smart card which can be read without inserting it into a reader device, as required by earlier magnetic stripe cards such as credit cards. To use, the proximity card is held near an electronic reader unit for a moment. The reader usually produces a beep or other sound to indicate the card has been read. Proximity cards typically have a range of around 2” for reading. The card can often be left in a wallet or purse, and read by simply holding the wallet or purse near the reader. The term "proximity card" can refer to the older 125 kHz devices or the newer 13.56 MHz contactless smartcards.

These are particularly important for subdivision / HOA or commercial pools looking to increases security while also doing a few other things:

  • There are no moving parts, and no mechanical wear to maintain. 
  • The reader can be concealed inside walls or special enclosures and poses even fewer problems when surface-mounted because it has no opening with which to jam or tamper. 
  • The proximity card is extremely secure and practically impossible to duplicate. 
  • Proximity cards are less prone to physical damage or loss, saving you money in reduced card replacement costs. 
  • You can track, if you want, who entered and when they entered.
  • Cards can not be duplicated like keys easily can be. This helps to prevent unwanted access or unauthorized entry.

Other features available:

With a card reader access system controlling the gates or doors of recreation facilities you will be able to control the days and times that issued access cards are allowed to enter the facilities.  With the access control systems software you will also be able to download transactions showing the dates and times access cards were used or attempted.  With this information you will be able to determine which cards have accessed the facilities and when.  If any cards are attempted during an unauthorized time, the doors/gates will remain locked and an access denied entry on the transaction report will be listed showing which card attempted access.  A gate alarm can also be added to monitor the entry point.  If the gate or door is being held open for an extended period an audible siren will let nearby residents aware the gate is not closed.

Pool_access card.jpg

Classic Pool has the best pricing available on these systems for your residential, commercial or HOA (subdivision) swimming pools. We will meet or beat prices from locksmiths and gate/fence installers as well! Make sure to contact us before you make a decision on who installs your next gate or door lock system.