Swimming Pool Liners: 101

In North Georgia we can get some crazy weather. When you add in all the debris from trees, especially in the Cumming, Alpharetta and Milton areas. Your swimming pool liner is going to take a beating. 

Pro Tip - Choose a darker color for longer lasting patterns. All liners fade from UV and chemical exposure. A darker color to start with will not look faded and worn as fast as a lighter color pattern will.

Vinyl liners will only last for a certain number of years. This is because of a few reasons. First, is that the elasticity will break down. When the temperatures fluctuate drastically as they commonly do, especially for our northern friends in Dawsonville, the liner can no longer flex and adjust as it ages. Causing it to tear or pull from the various locations it is attached to. Second reason they most commonly fail is that they get punctured. Again, an older liner will not flex like a newer one and when something sharp, like a toe nail, impacts the liner it will split instead of flex like a newer liner. 

Remember to buy the highest quality liner you can afford. The labor will stay the same and you won't have to pay to have it installed again as quickly. 

Make sure to get 27mil or greater in thickness.


We prefer to use Merlin or Tara liners when we do replacements. 

Tara Liners
(256) 725-2500

Tara Liners announces the introduction of three new patterns, including Cape Cod (shown). This light blue base pattern is a Tara exclusive. It has a unique gunite-inspired bottom and classic diamond pattern tile design. Cape Cod is one of four patterns in the HD Exclusive line, which offers 27 mil at no additional cost. Tara Liners has been in operation for 30 years, and each liner is backed by a 20-year warranty.

This is one of the new for 2014 patters that Tara has to offer. 

This is one of the new for 2014 patters that Tara has to offer. 


Merlin Industries
(800) 289-1836

Merlin’s Aqua-Max vinyl liners are comprised of a unique base film formulation and upgraded print inks, making them an ideal option for pool owners looking to purchase a higher-quality liner for their pool, the company says. Available in five pattern choices (pictured is the Treasure Beach tile with Blue Cove bottom), Aqua-Max liners also boast almost three times the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection of standard vinyl liners. Aqua-Max liners are chemical and fade resistant, heat resistant and formulated to combat the harsh effects of the sun.

Check out a virtual tour of some of their liners here. http://merlinindustries.com/FlashFiles/linerMain.swf

These are some of the more popular liner patterns.