Who can you trust? 5 Things to look for in a service company.

trust pool

1. Ask friends who they recommend

Today this is easier than ever. With social networking the huge advantage is that your can very quickly ask many people who they use. We mainly use Google+ and Twitter for our recommendations.

2. Are they insured and licensed?

This may seem like a no brainer but many guys today will run a swimming pool route for example with nothing but a pole in the back of their truck. He might be a nice guy but if something goes wrong and his chemical balance isn't just right and he bleaches your pool liner. You will be stuck with the bill. 

3. Are they locally and nationally certified?

Use someone who can be verified by a third party organization. We are a member of GAPP and IPSSA. We are also certified and licensed by NSPF. 

4. Do they show up when they say they will?

We want to pick someone we can rely on. While things come up for everyone no matter how hard they try to be reliable. Ask: Is it the norm or the exception that they are there when they said they would be?

5. Do other professionals recommend them?

We get calls all the time from customers that tells us someone else in the industry recommended they talk to us. We are flattered and love this. But it is really one of the best signs that a company is trust worthy. Why? Because whoever recommended you just put their reputation on the line. They wouldn't do this unless they were sure you could be trusted.