When should I open my pool?

Many times we get asked this question. The quick answer is around April 1st. But then immediately the next question is why? Followed by... That seems early. Well here are 5 reasons why you should open your swimming pool earlier than you might think this year. 

1. It looks better. 

Sure this may seem silly but looking at you clear clean pool is better than looking at that ugly cover. We have many customers that keep their pool open year round for this very reason. Who wants to have that great BBQ on grill on the patio when the back yard is dominated by a covered pool. When having friends and family over for that grill out in the backyard with spring in full bloom how much better with that beautiful swimming pool!

2. Can you predict the weather? 

The weather man has a hard time doing it and we don't fare any better. Often times in the southeast we can have temps that will allow swimming long before May arrives and waiting that long shortens the swimming season unnecessarily. How many of us remember as kids jumping in the pool the first sunny day we could? Sure the water was cold but we didn't care! Often times by early April the pool water can be up to a temperature that you can swim in even without a heater.

3. Algae.

Wow do we hate this stuff. Most swimming pool covers allow sunlight to filter through. This with warmer water temperatures breeds algae. In fact opening the pool before algae blooms could save you $100s on chemicals. Personally, I would rather open the pool earlier to find a cleaner pool than wait just a month longer and face a pool full of algae. 

4. Pollen.

In Georgia, pollen is a serious force to recon with. By March it can already be covering cars and affecting our allergies. But pollen doesn't just affect us it also can mess with your pool when the water is not circulating. A closed pool will allow the pollen to build up in mass, even with a pool cover, resulting is a dirtier pool that takes more time and money to correct. But a pool that is running will be able to keep-up with the high pollen counts and with simple filter maintenance not be an issue. Keeping the pool from looking like it has a sinus infection, you know, a yellow and green lagoon. 

5. Money.

We often have customers that don't want to open the pool early because they don't want to pay for an extra month of service. But with new filter tech, multi speed pumps and salt systems. The chemical and electrical costs to run the pool an extra month is really just that much. If you run the pump minimally and have a salt system you will on average only see about a $50 operational cost for the month. When you compare that with the chemical costs to open a pool that has turned green or yellow which can run into the $100s then doesn't it make more financial sense to open it earlier?

Well there are 5 reasons to open the pool earlier this year. We hope that everyone has a great summer with their swimming pool. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions below!