Top 5 Ways to a Cleaner Pool

1. Filtration. If you have a sand filter, when was the last time you backwashed the filter? Often times this is a issue that people don't understand. A filter should be backwashed and also rinsed. Doing this once a week is recommended. If the pressure doesn't go down after doing this its time to replace the sand. (Cartridge filters need to be removed and cleaned or replaced regularly.)

2. Check your flow... Make sure that the water is moving. There should be no air in the basket in front of the pump. If there is then this is a sign that there may be a leak. If the pump has air then it is not catching a full prime and is not putting enough pressure through the filter. This will lead to a dirty pool.

3. Debris in the bottom? A pool will never get clear if there is debris in the bottom. Leaves for example will actually "tea" a pool causing it to have a cloudy or iced tea tint to it. Tea is for drinking not swimming. 

4. Shocking. Yes it may be shocking but even salt pools need to be shocked and it is better to do this with chemicals than to use the 'super chlorinate' or 'shock' settings on the system. If its not a salt pool shocking can be done the old fashioned way. Make sure to shock at least once a month in the summer. If it is used a lot then twice a month. 

5. Balance. True PH and Alkalinity balance is critical. Pool stores will sell you a lot of others chemicals you may or may not need but getting the basics in balance is key. Make sure that PH, Alkalinity, Chlorine (or Salt PPM), Calcium, and Phosphates are all in check at ALL times. 

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