Here's just a small sampling of the work we have done over the years.

BEFORE and AFTER - Equipment Poorly Installed and Leaking

This is an example of poor design and old age leading to leaks and poor flow. The old pumps were also damaged because they were sitting in an area that would frequently get standing water from rain. Note that we raised the equipment pad and added gravel for proper drainage in the area to prevent damage in the future. It also looks better all color matched. ;)


Filter was falling over, sitting in mud, this one was a mess. Not only is this going to last and not cause damage later, it looks nice! We also increased flow with sweeping 90's, 45's and a streamlined water flow = cleaner water and less energy consumption. High efficiency heater installed in place of antiquated heater which will save lots of money. New salt water generator system installed simplifying maintaining the pool. Also we planned ahead with greater ease of access to equipment that will need service which will keep costs down for future repairs.


Loose Swimming Pool Handrails? 

New anchors installed. This will keep those railings in place for years to come. If your ladder of rail is loose the only way to properly fix it is to replace the anchors in the pool deck.

Commercial Pool Repair

We take great pride in not just swapping out pumps or filters but making sure that the entire system works better than when we got there. Often installers are under time constraints and much thought isn't given to long term serviceability and flow design. We make sure that this is corrected, preventing down time from mechanical failures.